Ea Sports Cricket 07 PC Game (Original+Modded version)

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Ea Sports Cricket 07 PC Game

ea sports cricket 07 pc game

Are you looking to download the most authentic game Ea Sports Cricket 07 which is one of the leading cricket game of the Era, then you are at the perfect platform as this Cricket Studios site is dedicated to this game since 2017.

Do you know, you can play ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 tournament in this Cricket 07 game, Surprised? Want to play & want to know How?

Just Keep Reading and I'll give you many surprises.

Today in this article, I will not only provide you the information and download link of the Ea Sports Cricket 07 game but also I'll talk in-depth about this cricket game which is my all-time favorite.

Today you'll also get to know about Cricket 07 Modding and enjoy its feature in my own words.

Please Note: This blog is not just a blog that shows you some of the requirements of the game and also little overview, it's deeper than that, also it's written by admin (me).

In this article, I'm sharing some of my personal stories with the game and also some information that you can't find on the Internet. Let's Dive In.

This is the Game that brought RK Cricket Studios on Internet in 2018. I downloaded this game in the year 2016 and from that date, it's still on my PC and I play it every single day, by adding new mods and recreating Innings and Matches.

Believe me, it's that Addictive.

Stats and Facts

Here are Some stats to blow your mind, and to prove my point.

  • Cricket 07 game has 4M+ Downloads
  • More than 15,000 positive votes for Cricket 07 game
  • Even in 2019, more than 50,000 active gamers playing this cricket game every single day.

Nowadays High Graphics, detailed stadiums, new Innovations, etc features are demanded by gamers. Thankfully many cricket games are available with much more detailed & Improved graphics, but guess what? No game has overtaken this cricket 07 game because of modders.

The reason is Quality Mods for Cricket 07. What are mods? I have mentioned later in this article.

First Let's know about the Developers.

About Game & Core Developers

Nothing to introduce about EA, as it's a top gaming company and everyone is familiar with quality games of Ea Sports.
  • Released in November 2006
  • Developed by HB Studios
  • Published by Ea Sports
  • Downloaded by Millions 😄

Cricket 07 game is available for both Windows and Play Station.
Thankfully it works best with my windows i.e Windows 7. It's compatible with the latest version of windows like Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Now Let's take a look to it's New Features

Features of Cricket 07

Ea has made Lot of Improvements and added some new features to this C07 game. Here I have listed down the top features of Cricket 07.

✔️ New Stadiums
✔️ Improved Graphics and Controller
✔️ Player Creation and Editing
✔️ International & Domestic Teams
✔️ International & Domestic Tournaments

  • They have included 25 New Stadiums with Day/Night feature along with pitch variations.
  • Much better Graphics + Easy Controller than ea's Cricket 2005

  • A new feature added - You can create your own player and assign skills you want, also you can choose your own bat
  • International and Domestic teams are added so that one can enjoy a wide range of International & Domestic tournaments
  • The Ashes - Enjoy the Scenarios of Ashes 2005 

I have just provided an overview of the features, and not going deep explaining them as you will access these features within a few minutes.


EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007 PC Game has a number of game Format just like the international formats they are - limited overs matches (50, 20, 10 or 5 overs), 4-day first-class matches and full-length test matches (5 days).

You can choose distinct pitches like hard pitches, wet pitches, green pitches, etc and different weather conditions at different locations.

Many International stadiums are available, like the Eden Gardens in India or Lord’s in England with the amazing supportive crowd and amazing display ads. You can completely change the stadiums from 2007 to 2019 look, simply by adding the stadium's patch.

In addition, it includes simple stroke play (shots, drives), along with the introduction of the High drama Ashes section and improved player management.

The accessories such as Kits, shoes, bats, gloves, sweat towels,etc gives the best experience to a player. Their streak of failures has broken as this game has more than 4 Million downloads.

But Sadly Ea has stopped producing cricket games.

Hurray! you are going to increase the number of downloads.

The overlook of the game is very simple and easy to understand.
One can easily access all the features it provides without any knowledge about how to start anything in Cricket 07.

Now take a look at these Snapshots of cricket 07, 8 scenes combined in two images. The Celebration, Moments, Shots and Camera angle are the features that I'm trying to show through these images.

ea sports cricket 07 game

ea sports cricket 07 game

Now Let me share what type of tournaments and tours you'll get to play

Tours & Tournaments in Cricket 07

This C07 game provides lots of tournaments based on level i.e International tournaments and Domestic tournaments

International Tournaments provided in C07

✔️ World Championship
✔️ World Series
✔️ Knockout Cup
✔️ Test Series
✔️ Tour

You can play all these tournaments with any of the International teams mentioned below.

International Teams in C07
  • Australia | Bangladesh | Bermuda | Canada | England
  • India | Ireland | Kenya | Namibia | Netherlands
  • New Zealand | Pakistan | Scotland | Srilanka
  • South Africa | United States | West Indies | Zimbabwe  

If you want to play at a smaller level then the Domestic tournaments are best for you.

Moreover, these domestic tournaments are country-specific, you'll get two options in the Domestic Section.
  • Australian State Cricket
  • England State Cricket

Australian State Cricket Tournaments

  • STATE SEASON: Australian State season competition between 6 teams. This tournament is a combination of all the three tournaments listed right below. This tournament will take about a month as you have to play lots of matches to win the Australian state season!
  • PURA CUP: A test competition of 4 days with full of action - Pura Cup. Witness or play the Red ball cricket on Australian grounds between Aussie fans. Amazing tournament for real test format lovers!
  • ONE DAY DOMESTIC SERIES: One Day cricket matches of 50 overs. A short format but a great and challenging format.
  • KFC TWENTY20 BIG BASH: 20 overs of high drama. For 20-20 lovers this is the best Tournament.

 English State Cricket Tournaments

  • COUNTY SEASON: This tournament contains all the 4 tournaments mentioned right below. This is a very long tournament but it's enjoyable as it provides different formats such as 20,40,50 overs and a long challenging format i.e test matches. It's Just like the Australian state season tournament!
  • LIVERPOOL VICTORIA COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP: White's into the action i.e 4 days test matches. Just like the Ranji trophy in India, it's somewhat similar.
  • NATWEST PRO40: 40 overs game - Comes with competition as you have to beat 17 teams in a short format to win the NatWest pro 40 trophies. 
  • C&G TROPHY: 40 and 50 overs i.e one-day matches in English conditions and England Stadiums.
  • TWENTY20 CUP: Best tournament for t20 lovers. Enjoy the shortest format of the game filled with action, drama, and thrill...


Beside all these International & Domestic tournaments you'll get The Ashes & Scenarios.

As we all know about the ashes i.e the rivalry series between Australia and England. This is  Electronic arts excellent or say Special feature which makes this an extra-ordinary cricket game. 

It Contains Scenarios and ashes series of the year 2005-2006.
This ashes series is full of thrill & excitement, as you will get to play this ashes series with the legends of both teams such as Ricky pointing, Cook, Adam Gilchrist, etc and that too in their home ground!

Do play this English Australian rivalry tournament on your Pc and get an amazing experience. Here's the overlook of Ashes Menu...

The Ashes - Special Feature of Cricket 2007

You are quite impressed by the game features and now let me share about Modding and also How you can play ICC CWC 19 in this Cricket 2007 game.

Modified Cricket 07

Many of you were waiting for this section, you were eager to know about modding, right?

So let me explain. As Ea Stopped producing more cricket games after this cricket 07, it enabled great opportunities for Patch modders. 


The secret is Ea Sports Cricket 07 game can be modified and completely changed even in 2019. All thanks to HB Studios as they have designed the game files in such a way that anyone with little knowledge can make huge changes in this game.

Recently Dhrumil Designed Lords Stadium for ICC CWC 2019 patch.

Visit here to Know about ICC CWC 2019 Patch

Dhrumil isn't one of the toppers of class or the cool dude, he is just a quality modder with knowledge. Anyone can become modder, you also.

A2 Studios the leading modders, they released their first patch A2 Studios ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, after the world cup 2011. 
The experience modders had at that time, cannot be expressed as their patch was downloaded by thousands of people and then the journey started.

Year after year new modded versions came and most of them were a huge success. Day by day modding is becoming popular and everyone wants to create his own stuff for this old cricket 07 game.

The above-mentioned fact that more than 50,000 active gamers playing this cricket 07 game, is just because of these modders.

You can download the latest modded patches here:

The kits, the faces of players, etc all the stuff can be modified as per our needs. You just need little knowledge about the patch modding.

On this site, you can learn patch modding. At present, No tutorial is available yet, but in the near future, you'll get some tutorials from which you can learn modding and then develop your own mod.

Other than Commentary, each and every file of cricket 07 can be re-edited. That's why the World Championship tournament in cricket 07 is changed to ICC CWC 2015 tournament.

Take a look at the face of Ricky pointing which is designed by HB Studios,
ea sports cricket 2007 pc game
Legendary Cricketer Ricky Pointing 2007 version

Now take a look at the face of Virat Kohli which is designed by one of the modder,
ea sports cricket 2007 pc game
Legendary Cricketer Virat Kohli 2018 version

Huge Difference, right. You can download all such amazing stuffs from my site.

Ok then, lots of words. Time to prove myself and the modders.

Watch my recreated video and get amazed. The root game is cricket 07, but it's modded as per video's needs.

Now you are convinced that this is a great game, but you might be wondering Where to get the mods and stuffs.
Don't search here and there. You are on the right platform.

This site is dedicated to this game, I provide all the latest stuffs and patches released for cricket 07 with information and also download links.

Requirements for C07 & All Patches

Happy to get the new modified version of cricket 07, right. Now just check out the system requirements of this game.

System Requirements

✔️ CPU: Pentium III, Intel core duo 2
✔️ RAM: 256 MB
✔️ OS: Windows [Any]
✔️ Video Card: Direct X 9.0c Compatible 
✔️ DirectX Version : 9.0c
✔️ Free Disk Space: 1.2 GB

The only requirement matters is the disk space as this C07 game and its patches are a little big in size. Also, take note about the patches' requirements.

Patches Requirements

✔️ Original Cricket 2007

✔️ Roster Files

✔️ Patch Files without Errors

You need the above-mentioned requirements for most of the patches.

There are more than 50+ modded patches, and on my site, you can find the best patches available for cricket 07.

Download Cricket 07

All those who have read the whole post till now were eagerly waiting for this section. Well, thanks for reading. Now you can download the game from the links provided below.

Download Original Cricket 07 Game

Please Note: If you download this version then you'll get No New Players like Virat Kohli, Old kits, Old Stadiums and No tournaments like IPL.

Download Modified Version of Cricket 07

Please Note: If you download this version then you'll get New Players like Virat Kohli + New Kits + Wankhede Stadium, IPL tournament, etc and many more features. Most Recommended game.

Installation of Cricket 07 & Patches

First, download the Cricket 07 game and extract the game in any of the folders, then open the game folder and run the game from the cricket07.exe file.

To Successfully Install the modified cricket 07 patch, visit here and read the installation guide.


I have spent more than 3 hours to provide this info and let you know about the modding and other stuff, hope I was successful in doing so.

Download the Game and enjoy the modified versions of this great game. If you face any problem regarding download or installation then feel free to leave it in the comments section.

I bet, you would have never seen a post like this about a game, if you liked this article make sure to share it with your friend and let him know about the mods.

I recommend you to check out these posts to know a bit more about cricket 07 and it's patches.


Latest Mods of Cricket 07 Released in 2019:

Also check out my Youtube channel, the place where you can get Installation guide and Recreated Cricket 07 Videos.

Last Updated on 7 August 2019.


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