What are EA Sports Cricket 07 Patches?

Kuldeep Rathore

What are patches for EA Cricket 07?

Well,you may have heard of this popular tag or say keyword - cricket 07 patches for many many years and now, it's time to know what exactly are they?

First let's Know How they came into the existence?

As we all know that, the EA company has stopped producing the cricket games after this Cricket 2007,
Read here to know Why?

Not in the beginning but after few years from the release of this Ea cricket 07 game, it gained a huge attention of cricket gamers all over the world and specially Asian countries. 

The number of downloads were increasing day by day and this brought new opportunities for the patch modders..

Who are they? What they do? read below...
Before you head over to that topic, let me share what are the patches and types of patches... 

What are Patches ?

In Simple words Patches are simply the updated files which contains the latest information for the game.You can also call it as updates or new versions.

The secret behind new patches is that the old Cricket 07 game can be modified today i.e in 2018 as well as in 2019 and so on.. 

Why & How? 

Because this game is designed in such a way that anyone with little knowledge can make changes into the game. And this is the only reason we have got abundance of patches till today's date - 2018.

You may have seen a lot of .big and .fsh files, right?
They are the files which are mainly updated or say modified by patch modders and designers.Now let's know the types of the patches...

Types of Patches for Cricket 07

  • Mega Patches
  • Mini Patches
  • Domestic Patches
  • International Patches
  • Series Patches
  • Stadiums Patches
  • Overlay Patches
  • Kits Patches
  • Gameplay Patches
  • Logo's Patches
  • Facepack Patches
  • And many more...
I hope you have got an idea of what these patches contains..In short i would just give you overall info about it.

Stadiums patches contains new updated stadiums files. Overlay patches contains new updated overlay files. Kits contains updated kits/accessories files,gameplay patches contains some graphics,system modification files which provides better gaming experience, and so on..

Mega patches is the king of all, it comes with all the latest roster (squads), stadiums, Kits, Bats,Umpires kits/faces, Players faces, Overlays, Main menu,Tournaments,etc and all the other important files are modified by patch modders which results to a whole new look of cricket 07 game.

Who are Patch Modders?

We can say the Studioz are the Patch Modders.
A group of modders forms a Studioz!

No doubt that you have heard about A2 Studios, GM Studioz, HD Studioz,etc they are the major studios in Cricket 07 field. These Studios have their own official websites where they release new patches and files for our loved C07 game.

Minor patch modders also come up with new patches any time, like Rofijjee,KO Studioz, MM Studioz,etc these modders are not consistent in providing new stuffs and patches every now and then,,,
I know some of the popular members/designers, they are 
  • Addy
  • Ahad
  • Arpit
  • Manish Reddy
  • Suman Mohanty
  • Jackson Roy
  • Yashwant nama
  • Dikshansh
  • Gokulraj
  • Varun
  • VD Quint
  • And many more...

These guys works hard to provide us patches and other C07 stuffs,they should be respected and appreciated.. Patch modders started releasing their patches from the year 2010 or 2011, and are consistent in releasing new patches every now and then for cricket 07 game.

Talking about patch modding it's not at all easy...
It takes a lots of efforts & time to create any stuff or any patch.

I guess creating a mega patch is the hardest as it comes with tons of features and almost every file is updated.I'm saying it's hard but guess what, it's exciting as well.

Few months ago I had recreated some logo files and scoreboard files for one of my recreated C07 video,for me it was very entertaining and i truly loved it. 

Wait you may request me to create more, but i'm keen interested in providing info about patches,games and creating youtube videos, so let the patch modders do there task..
Never watched my recreated video's - Visit Playlist and get amazed! 

For Better Understanding - Please Read.. 

Every year many new patches are released,for e.g - right after the IPL season, the same IPL patch are released by several major and minor studios right after the season ends..

For eg: You may have heard about Ea sports Cricket 18 patch,the fact is, cricket 18 is not made by Ea, it's simply a new mega patch for cricket 07. It will contain tournaments of 2017 & 2018, new kits, new stadiums, umpires, Bats,new overlays, HD graphics,etc. 

If the patch is released in the year 2012, it will contain the tournaments and files of 2011 & 2012 and are given appropriate names by creators.

For eg - A Unit Studios Cricket 12
This patch is created by A Unit Studios for the year 2012, so it's named as A Unit Studios Cricket 12!

Ok then I will end it here, Hope you understood and got a little bit of information about it. If not, leave it, just enjoy the cricket & games!

Note : You just need to download and install the patches in the ea cricket 07 game folder. Almost all the patches are free to download, You don't need to  pay anything for the new patch or any new released stuffs.

Till Now, many patches have been released. IF you want to download it, then Search on my site to get the desired patch. 

All the latest,top rated and underrated patches are available on my site for free, Right now few are available (as website is in development) and many patches will be coming soon. Stay tuned for that Join the RK Community.

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