The Reasons Why Ea Sports Stopped Producing Cricket Games after Cricket 07!

Kuldeep Rathore

Why EA Sports Discontinued Cricket Games Series after Cricket 07?

This question is within the minds of almost each and every cricket gamer, that why they need to stop creating cricket gamesIn this article, I'll try to answer all your questions. Unlike other bloggers or websites, I won't make things complicated, I have provided genuine information which can be easily understood.

Right from the beginning none of the ea's cricket game
added value or say gained global attention as Cricket was not EA's prime focus or say priority.

They started with Cricket 96 then 97 and so on continued till the Cricket 07 which was released in 2006. In the initial stage, this Ea Sports cricket series was widespread solely in 3 cricket playing Nations they are England, Australia, and New Zealand however its main market was clearly in Asian countries and that too in South Asia.

Rampant piracy (Uncontrolled/unauthorized duplication of copyrighted content) from these regions but seriously ruined their profit margins and therefore the series ne'er made the reckonable revenues. 

As Ea Sports saw a legal standstill with the BCCI and lost the licensing rights to the Indian cricketers, their issues solely got combined. With a declining market and really few communities fascinated by the game, the cricket series was condemned to die out presently. 

It eventually began to rip in two ways -  Gamers were now not fascinated by a game due to its poor gameplay, unimposing graphics and silly generic names for the players.

Ea Sports eventually failed to feel it had been necessary to develop a series that was already running in trouble. 
Also, they had so many issues related to licensing and really struggled to gain revenue from the previously released cricket games.

The Ultimate reason behind the end of cricket series was -the lack of worldwide demand for cricket games. Not only the EA company but another cricket game - Brain Lara Cricket Series by Codemasters also suffered the same fate and eventually the results are the same.

After a long-suffering, they shifted their focus to provide demanding games around the globe which is football.

 That's the reason that FIFA Games take over Cricket games. Another reason is there are only 10 to 12 major countries that play cricket games, & in these major countries Asian gamers are most affectionate of cricket games, I'm one of them :)

They had created some more unrecognized Cricket games earlier like Ea Cricket 2000/Ea Cricket 2002/Ea Cricket 2004 and the last one was Ea Cricket 07 - which is loved by Millions, especially Indians.

In early years like in 2007 - 2011 there weren't many gamers playing this game, Neither in Asian Countries nor in Other Countries, so their hard work was Not Worth it but After 2011 till today there are millions of people who have been playing this game for years!

But now, No more Ea cricket games after the year 2006, then 12 years old game is still famous and has more than a million downloads. You can download the game from my site.

The Mods just Saved the Game:

Even though the Cricket 07 game is of 2006, but you still enjoy the IPL 2018 season in ea sports cricket 07. How?
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Where to get Cricket 07 Patches?

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I hope, I have cleared all the doubts in a simple way, now you have more knowledge about your very loved Cricket game, Cheers!